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2019 RMA Grant Application

Our grant cycle is now open for 2019 and we will be accepting applications until our deadline on June 15, 2019.  We encourage all nonprofit organizations that help Colorado children and youth to apply.


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Rocky Mountain Alliance Children’s Foundation is a nonprofit, philanthropic organization whose mission is to raise awareness and funds for local  youth through fundraising events that benefit the Denver metro area.  Each member of the organization spends a tremendous amount of time and energy raising these funds throughout the year, so it is extremely important that this money has the greatest possible impact on the children in our community.  When determining how much to request, please note that the average grant from RMA Children’s Foundation typically range from $2,000 to $10,000.



To be eligible for an award grant from RMA Children’s Foundation, applicants must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • The organization must be a certified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization and actively registered as a Charitable Organization with the State of Colorado

  • The organization’s headquarters must be located in the Denver metro area and main operations primarily in the State of Colorado

  • The organization is not a re-granting organization or foundation

  • The grant request must be specifically designated for a program or service that benefits youth under the age of 18

  • The grant request will not be used for funding any of the following:

a. Religious programs

b. Grants to individuals

c. Capital campaigns

d. Debt reduction

e. Graduate and post-graduate research

f. Endowments

g. Candidates for political office



RMA Children’s Foundation provides grants that most directly relate to the goal of the Foundation: support programs and services which improve the quality of life for youth in the Denver area and throughout Colorado.


CURRENT APPLICATION DEADLINE: We are currently accepting applications! Deadline for applications is June 15, 2019.



If you are interested in applying for a RMA Children’s Foundation grant, please complete the following no later than close of business on June 15, 2019.

  1. RMA Grant Application Form - Click here to start your application

  2. Colorado Common Grant Application (CGA) with all attachments

  3. Form 990 for last two fiscal years

  • You may email your application or mail a hard copy, but please submit all of your documents in either one email or in one proposal packet.

  • Emailed applications should be sent to: rmachildrensfoundation@gmail.com

  • Mailed applications should be sent to:

Rocky Mountain Alliance Children’s Foundation

P.O. Box 1798

Denver, CO 80201



The Grants Committee will confirm receipt of your submission, typically within 4-6 weeks of receiving the application.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement, feel free to contact us as this may indicate that we did not receive your application.  Our Grants Committee will be review grant applications based on the aforementioned criteria. If we have not recently conducted a site visit we will arrange for a member to conduct a site visit at your location in August and September.  Members will vote for grant recipients in November 2019 and grants will be awarded to the selected charities in December 2019.



If you have additional questions about the application process, please contact rmachildrensfoundation@gmail.com, or Grants Chair, Kristal Schwartz at kristal.e.schwartz@gmail.com


Thank you for your hard work and dedication to improve the lives of youth in the Denver community!