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Classes Start @ 10:30am

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Join us for Fitness in May with RMA! One $25 ticket will give you access to FIVE virtual workout classes hosted by local trainers and gym throughout the Denver Metro area. Every Saturday morning in May, you will receive a zoom meeting invitation via email. Click on the provided link between 10:15 am-10:30 am to join your class and start moving. 100% of proceeds will go towards RMA Children's Foundation and then granted to youth organizations that support Denver youth.


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Pure Barre Highlands

Denise Humpress

Classic Barre

10:30 am

May 2, 2020

Pure Barre is the most effective full-body workout. You’ll be guided through a series low-impact, high intensity movements that are designed to strengthen and tone your body.

Motion Fitness of Denver

Arielle Orsuto


10:30 am

May 23, 2020

In this online kickboxing class, you are guaranteed to sweat and through cardio interval and boxing drills that will have you looking and feeling like a shredded fighter. 

Sporty Woman Lifting a Medicine Ball

Motion Fitness of Denver

Jessica Rose

HIIT Bootcamp

10:30 am

May 9, 2020

A mix of high intensity cardio intervals and strength workout. HIIT training is proven to burn calories at a higher rate and give you the most bang for your buck. Plus, it’s fun!

Warrior One

Wetware Development

Rachelle Walter


10:30 am

May 30, 2020

,A complete yoga workout can help keep your back and joints healthy, improve your overall posture, stretch and strengthen muscles and improve your balance.


Passion Force Dance Denver

Leslie Conzemius

GROOV3 Dance

10:30 am

May 16, 2020

GROOV3™ is Los Angeles’ Hottest Choreographed Dance Party! This class is a high-energy, dance-til-you-drop cardio hip hop class.  Dance, Sweat, Love!

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