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Polo 101 - What to Wear & Other Details

Our 1st annual Back to School Polo & Movie Night is August 4th at the beautiful Denver Polo Club. We thought a refresher course on all things Polo would be a perfect reminder to get us all excited for the upcoming festivities!

What to Wear

Polo matches have gotten quite the reputation for being the place to wear the hat in the closet that you’ve pulled out only one other time…I’m here to tell you to proceed with caution. While hats are certainly encouraged, it’s not quite like the Kentucky Derby. Hats worn to a Polo match are worn to block the sun, a usually more practical in style. So bring out the big sun hats, the cowboy hats, the fedoras, even bring along a Parasol, but refrain from anything too elaborate that doesn’t act as sun coverage!

Ladies, leave the stilettos at home. You’ll want to opt for shoes that you can stand in, and that won’t sink into the grass. Everyone loves a good chunky heel, a wedge or a fancy flat if that’s more your taste!

As far as clothes go, keep it classy, sophisticated, and long enough to sit with ease! Super short dresses are slightly frowned upon! There is definitely a chance you’ll sit down on the grass or a blanket so keep that in mind. Think summer colors! Bright, pastels, white...all a big YES! If sun dresses just aren’t your thing, light colored pants are also a great option! It’ll be warm and hopefully sunny, and there will be a lot of people, wear something comfortable that makes you feel beautiful! For the men, it’s their chance to break out the seersucker and vibrant colors! Men can wear fun colored shirts, jackets, and suits! That’s not everyone’s style, so khaki’s, light colored shorts, and a polo shirt are totally acceptable! Whatever you do ladies and gentlemen, just don’t wear jeans!


This event is all about gathering with the ones you love to enjoy a beautiful summer day. You are encouraged to bring all the picnic necessities! We’ll even have a giveaway for the ‘chic-est,’ picnic! Bring your chairs or blankets, picnic basket filled with goodies, and all the yard games that’ll fit in the trunk. There will be a beer garden for your enjoyment and you can purchase tickets NOW during our presale!!


There are only a few, simple things to remember when it comes to Polo etiquette.

Keep an eye on the actual match. At any given time, eight 1,200-pound horses will be barreling past you. It seems wise to know where they are on the field, also the ball in a polo match frequently knocks into the crowd going about 100 mph. Be aware of your surroundings!

Don’t forget your cheering voice! Sometimes people are hesitant to cheer at Polo matches, but the horses do not get frightened! Good times to clap and cheer are when someone gets far down the field, makes a goal, or runs an interception! It’s so much fun to watch the horses do their thing!

Verbiage You Should Know

There aren’t halves or quarters in polo, instead there are 7.5 minute segments called Chuckers! There are six or more in each match.

Throughout the history of Polo, the horses have gotten bigger. Historically ponies where the steed that typically participated, but now they are indeed horses. However, they are still typically referred to as polo ponies!

At halftime, you’ll be invited out to the field for the Divot Stomp! This is when everyone gathers on the field to fix the chunks of grass that have been churned up by all the activity during the match.

You’ll notice someone at each end of the field, behind the goal, they’re the ‘Flagger.’ They’ll raise the flag high for a goal, and low for a miss!

At the beginning of each play, the umpire or a distinguished guest tosses in the polo ball to begin! The ‘throw in,’ means its game time!

We are so excited to gather everyone for a great day of tailgating, outdoor games, Polo, and a cozy movie on the lawn. Get your tickets now!

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