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Grantee Spotlight – A Precious Child

A Precious Child’s mission is to provide children in need with opportunities and resources to empower them to achieve their full potential. They envision a future where every child grows up to be a secure, self-reliant, contributing member of their community.

A Precious Child focuses on children and families facing difficult life challenges such as abuse and neglect, crisis situations and poverty. They work with more than 490 Agency Partners throughout eight Denver Metro counties including Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, Jefferson and Weld to identify children and families in the most need of their services.

The primary goal of A Precious Child is to help children and their families navigate community resources. Child Outcomes Advocates provide personalized case management to disadvantaged and displaced children and families, connecting them with needed resources, services, opportunities and educational support.

Through Community Initiatives, A Precious Child aims to bridge the gap in children’s education so they can become secure, self-reliant, contributing members of their communities as adults.

Family Stability: Help ensure families have access to basic essentials and provide them with wrap-around services to get them on a path to self-sufficiency.

  • Precious Essentials Program provides clothing, coats, shoes, toiletries, home goods and other essentials to children and their families struggling with poverty or emergency situations.

  • Basics 4 Babies Program provides basic necessities such as diapers, wipes and baby gear to families with infants who would otherwise ration these products or go without.

Academic Success: Increase the grades and attendance rates for children in need so they can attain academic success.

  • Inspiring Minds Program provides access to STEM-based activities to children visiting A Precious Child’s Resource Center and through educational, take-home STEM Kits.

  • Edussentials Program provides educational support, such as computers, calculators, tutoring and incentives to remove barriers to school attendance and improve educational outcomes for economically disadvantaged students.

  • Fill A Backpack Program provides backpacks filled with grade-appropriate school supplies to children in need to maximize their academic potential.

Social & Emotional Well-Being: Help kids in need form meaningful relationships, experience, regulate and express emotions and learn new skills so they can thrive in and out of the classroom.

  • giveARTS Program provides support for arts program costs associated with lessons, participation fees, instruments and art supplies, giving them the opportunity to participate in music, dance, theatre and the visual arts.

  • giveSPORTS Program provides new and gently-used sports equipment along with support for sports program costs associated with registration, uniforms, camp and participation fees, giving them the opportunity to participate in sports.

  • Precious Gift Program provides gifts to children who would otherwise go without during times in their lives such as birthdays and holidays.

Why RMA Chooses to Support A Precious Child

Over the past five years they have grown significantly. They have a large volunteer base allowing for all grants received to go towards reaching more children. For example, they were able to move to a larger space with added accessibility to bus stops for families with transportation limitations. This helped them reach an additional 1,000 kids from previous years with school supplies.

They have continually expanded their services based-off what the parents need for their kids to succeed in life. They started out as a store where parents come get free clothing to now offering 8 programs ranging from clothing and toiletries to STEM-based education, sports and visual arts programs.

What we Learned on our Site Visit with A Precious Child

All of their workers and volunteers operate as a well oiled machine. They have a huge amount of volunteers and their retention rate is very. Their volunteers want to be there, which speaks volumes about the organization as a whole.

Plans for the RMA Grant They Received

Funds would be used to provide children in need with basic essentials including clothing, coats, shoes, toiletries, diapers, wipes, baby gear, home goods and other essentials. These goods help remove barriers to children's education and improve the quality of life for children and families in need.

Learn more about A Precious Child -

Watch Stories of Hope -

A Precious Child is just one of the many organizations that RMA chooses to support. We hope to grant even more money to these types of organizations in 2020. Show your support for RMA and donate today!

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