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Oh the anticipation of a new school year starting... Picking out an outfit, wondering who is in your class, setting up your desk? For many Denver children, the beginning of the school year is filled with anxiety and dread because they don't have fresh clothes and they don't have supplies. We want as many kids as possible to start the new school year set-up for success. Every year, with the support of the community, RMA is able to take kids shopping for new school clothes and provide a new backpack with all the supplies they will need for the upcoming school year. 

Thanks to contributions from local businesses, members, sponsors, friends and family, we have been able to cover all the back to school needs for hundreds of kids over the past 10+ years!


Back to School Shopping.jpg

Every August, RMA hosts our annual Back-to-School Shopping event at Walmart in Central Park. We would like to expand our impact and can't do it without your help! Please follow the link below to donate today.

✏️ $25 covers the cost of half a backpack

✏️ $50 covers the full cost of one backpack

✏️ $75 covers the cost of a backpack and an educational game

✏️ $100 provides a child with a backpack, educational game, and hygiene items

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