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A new summer tradition with the ladies of RMA.

The ladies of Rocky Mountain Alliance Children's Foundation could not be more thrilled about our newest event coming up in just a few weeks. We have partnered with the Denver Polo Club for a family friendly, afternoon you won’t forget.

Back to School

Polo & Movie Night

The idea behind this new and innovative event was to create something where memories are made, laughs are had, and something everyone looks forward to each summer. We wanted to give something to our community that everyone in the family can enjoy and anticipate. So we partnered with the Denver Polo Club and came up with something we think everyone will enjoy.

First, you tailgate. Tailgating a sacred tradition as old as time and has a way of bringing people together. You enjoy cool beverages, indulge in yummy food, listen to music, and play games. It’s the quality time you spend together, joking, and catching up before the main event takes all the attention. Polo tailgating is just like any other tailgating you've ever enjoyed:

  • Pack up a few cars and head out to the field. The more the merrier, this is a great cause and super fun event! The field is located at 6359 Airport Road Sedalia, CO 80135. Tailgating festivities will start around 4:00pm.

  • For the safety of the horses, furry family members have to sit this one out.

  • There will be signs for parking, you’ll want to make sure there is at least 20 feet between your car and the sideboards of the field. Find a good spot and start to unload the people and the goods.

  • Tents, umbrellas, and sun protection are highly encouraged.

  • Bring all the drinks, food, and games you want. Just remember glass can be dangerous so please no glass bottles or containers! There will be a ‘Chicest Picnic,’ contest…so bring your baskets and cute blankets!

  • Crank up the music as loud as you want.

  • Bring some fun outdoor games, like bags and ladder toss.

Then it’s time for the main event. You’ll feel the rumble in the ground begin and you know the match has arrived. Hope you’ve rested your voice, because cheering as loudly and proudly as you can is definitely encouraged. Erica Gandomcar-Sachs is carrying on the legacy that started in 1986 at the Denver Polo Club by her parents, John and Chris Gandomcar. She is a leading lady in Polo and known around the world. Erica is a great example of how far passion, talent, and hard work can get you. We’re so honored to partner with her at the beautiful Denver Polo Club and enjoy a sport that has filled Erica’s heart since she started competing when she was 8.

After the excitement of the Polo match finishes up, it’s time to get out the desserts, curl up with your loved ones, and enjoy a movie on the lawn. It will bea movie everyone can enjoy from the littles to the grandparents, and everyone in between. The movie will finish up around 9:00pm. No rush though, when you're ready to pack up and head out, make sure you do it safely!

Tickets will be sold individually or by the carload, early bird pricing goes through July 15th, after that you’ll pay about $5 more…so get those tickets here!! Proceeds go directly into the RMA funds for our Back To School event. This is surely an event that will become a staple for families and friends, we’re so excited to host it along with the Denver Polo Club.

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