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5 Reasons to Buy Your RMA Children’s Foundation Gala Tickets TODAY

In only one short month, 400 of Denver’s philanthropic socialites will fill the Denver Athletic Club dressed to impress, wearing sparkling masks for the debut of the 2018 Masquerade. That’s right, the 10th Annual Rocky Mountain Alliance Children’s Gala is right around the corner, and in case you’re still on the fence about whether or not you’ll partake, here are the top five reasons why this event is an absolute must.

1) Cost Effectiveness: 10/10

RMA Children’s Foundation Gala admission includes your entry fee, unlimited food and beverage, music and dancing to the stylings of local Denver bands, Sautillé Strings & Florea plus a DJ performance by DJ Live, who will give your best friend’s wedding DJ a run for his money, and access to the crown jewel of RMA Children’s Foundation Gala: the silent auction items. (But more on that bit, later. See Reason #3)

Early Bird tickets purchased in advance now through September 19th are $75. Tickets purchased September 20th-October 19th will be $85. Door pricing will be $100 per ticket and VIP admission is $1500 for a ten person table. If you’re like me, you may already be mentally erasing this event from your calendar. $75-$100, for one night?! I hear you. But let’s run a hypothetical tab for a unique night out, shall we? Keep in mind, this isn’t your typical after-hours happy hour or even your regular Friday or Saturday night. Imagine this is a friend’s birthday or a girls’/guys’ night out, the one where the whole gang is getting back together, and you’re counting down the days until it arrives!

How much is your average girls’ or guys’ night out? My Special Occasion/SaturYAY Bill can break $100 pretty easily. For example, we meet downtown, well that’s a $15 primetime Lyft or Uber. Dinner is at one of Denver’s many beloved eateries, where we’ll split apps and a couple bottles of wine between the four of us, then dinner. When we tab out, we’re looking around $40 each. Next is a stand-up comedy show or a concert, where you can count on at least $40 with ticketing fees, if you bought them well in advance. And oh yeah, we still have to get there and now it’s another rideshare primetime, so count on a $10-$15 ride to get to the venue. Then of course, we’ll probably have a drink or two during the show $20, before we split up for the night and head home in a $10 ride.

$15 - Primetime Ride

$40 - Apps, Wine, Dinner for Four

$40 - Tickets to a Show

$15 - Primetime Ride

$20 - Drinks at Show

$10 - Ride Home

The Good Will Huntings reading this already blurted the sum out, but I’m already looking at $140, and that’s before any incidentals (ie, a slice of Ian’s on Blake or a Gyro off that questionable food truck downtown to round out the night). For all the mama’s and the papa’s out there, don’t forget to tack on an extra $50+ for your babysitter!

Again, for only $75 your Gala experience will treat you to unlimited food and drink, entertainment AND the opportunity to peruse hundreds of high-end auction items and experiences, available for a criminally-low bargain. Our indulgent passed hors d’oeuvres, dessert and full open bar will more than sustain your dance floor debut all night long. The auction items are not to be ignored. Where else can you bid on an entire weekend getaway for below market-price, or upgrade your beauty brand with a salon package for less than the cost of your standing cut/color/blowout routine? Still desperate to scoop tickets to a sold out concert, or eager to get your hands on some major league tickets? Make sure you stop by the auction -- we dare you to try to walk away without bidding!

2) Cost Effectiveness, Part 2: The Price is Right

We've already tabulated the cost of a Once-in-a-While Night Out and measured the value of RMA Gala admission, but it’s also important to note that compared to other extravagant charity events in Denver, the RMA Children’s Foundation Gala is a steal! Charity event admission for galas and annual fundraisers in the Denver Metro Area can start as high as $100, and in many cases, that’s just your Early-Bird rate, and they increase from there over time. Such a high starting price tag rules out many who want to attend, whether for the party or the cause behind it, but don’t have the budget for such pricey events.

Additionally, several charity events only feature cash bar, even though you’ve already put down a crispy Benji Franklin or more before even walking through the door! RMA Children’s Foundation Gala tickets are only $75 now through September 19, and then on the day of the event (10/20), they increase to $100. That’s it. No ridiculously-priced, watered-down bevs, you’re all set for food and drink from the several delicious F&B sponsors awaiting you inside the venue.

3) THE Silent Auction to Squeal For

Why is the silent auction at the gala so special? It’s simple. Because it features items you actually want to bid on. Things and experiences you already enjoy and partake in, or have always been curious about, but haven’t tried yet. RMA’s silent auction invites you to indulge -- without breaking the bank.

Here are some of the items featured in this year’s silent auction - plus many more!

  • 6 Day/6 Night, All-Inclusive African Safari for Two

  • 2 Night Stay in a Terrace Studio Room at The Cosmopolitan, in Las Vegas

  • 2 Night R&R Package for Two at Sunrise Springs Spa Resort in

  • Three-month membership to The Denver Athletic Club

  • Several gorgeous pieces of jewelry

  • Tickets to several performances in the Denver area

  • Several ‘Treat Yourself’ Spa Experiences

4) Network With The Best, In Your Best Dress

Who doesn’t love the opportunity to get all dressed up with your friends and/or your Sig-O? Attire for RMA Gala encourages Black Tie dress and invites more than a touch of flair with its Masquerade theme. Get creative with a spectacular Venetian-style mask or the product of your own design—- think the art of the derby hat, only we’re masks. Whether you’re going with your Sig-O or a flock of friends, everyone in the group can make a whole night of it.

Not only will you look your best, but you’re sure to rub elbows with other like-minded young professionals of Denver who value the spirit of philanthropy and giving back, balanced with a work-hard, play-hard mentality. RMA Children’s Foundation Gala is the perfect opportunity to get to know the members and culture of Rocky Mountain Alliance, and is a dip-your-toes-in precursor event to RMA’s new member recruitment season each winter.

5) Do It for the Kids!

Above all else, buy your tickets today to attend the RMA Children’s Foundation Gala on behalf of the hundreds of Colorado kiddos who benefit from RMA fundraising efforts.

Each year, RMA redistributes tens of thousands of fundraising dollars in grants to youth-focused not-for-profit organizations in the community. Last year, $80,000 was granted to Colorado organizations whose missions are dedicated to bettering the lives of disadvantaged children and teens. The 2017 RMA grant recipients included Florence Crittenton, Bags of Fun, Judi’s House, Denver Children’s Choir, Hope House of Colorado, Minds Matter Denver, Platte Forum, ELK, and girls inc. of Metro Denver.

The members of RMA intend to grant even more funds to community organizations this year, after setting a fundraising goal of $130,000 at the start of 2018. Your attendance and enjoyment of the ‘Masquerade’ Children’s Foundation Gala will help RMA members reach that goal, and reach more of Colorado’s at-risk youth in the Denver Metro Area.

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