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Meet our 2018 Grant Recipients!

Thank you who all attended last Thursday’s Grant and Recipient & Sponsorship Celebration, we had a blast. It was an amazing group of grant recipients sponsors, members, friends and family.

In case you missed it and to send more congratulations, the 2018 grant recipients included:

How can you apply to be a recipient for 2019?

Our grant cycle is now open for 2019 and we will be accepting applications until our deadline on June 15, 2019.

Starting after our application deadline, we begin our process to choose the organization's we will support for the year, choosing based off of what most directly relates to the goal of the Foundation and programs that support the quality of life of Denver’s children.

Throughout the year, we strive to get to know the details of the work that each charity does through many different methods, such as watching videos from each applicant's organization, inviting speakers to monthly meetings, and completing site visits and detailed questionnaires for each new applicant.

After site visits are all completed, our Grants Committee prepares the results for the consideration and review by all the the members.

In November, we all sit together, share our opinions and insights, and vote as group on each grant we’ll give. It’s a wonderful way for us to get to know every charity.

In December, the magic happens. We present our grants to each individual program we are able to support.

We are grateful for each and every applicant - we strive to continue to grow and improve our efficiency to be able to give back the most possible. We encourage all nonprofit organizations that help Colorado children and youth to apply and we look forward to learning about your organization!

Please follow this link to get further details on the application process and start your application today

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