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2019 Fundraising Update & Annual Celebration

2019 Fundraising Totals and Grant Recipients

2019 was an amazing year for RMA. Through the hard work of our members and generous sponsors, we granted over $100,000 to 22 local organizations. Learn more about these wonderful organizations here.

You're Invited! 2019 Annual Sponsor and Grantee Celebration In honor of our sponsors and grant recipients, we invite you to join the ladies of RMA on February 27th, 2020 for our Annual Grantee & Sponsor Celebration.

A look ahead to 2020

Its been a busy year so far, we hosted our first event of the year, the Winter Boutique Warehouse Sales that had over 500 attendees, we added 27 new members and set a new fundraising goal of $200,000. We are just barely a month into the year and already have raised over $22,000. At RMA, we look to continuously improve year-over-year. This year we launched a new fundraising tool called Kindful. You can track our progress and make donations, check it out. Please check back soon for information on our next events and we hope to see you later this month at our Annual Celebration.

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